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facilitates brilliant ideas
design : Claudia Bellini

CHESS create a distinctively different space in your workplace.
CHESS facilitate brilliant ideas when used at collaboration and meeting spaces!


CHESS stools
Designed in the shape of an hour glass, but with an asymmetric triangular structure, the CHESS stool provides a visual sense of stability. With a low centre of gravity, it is a stable seat that can be enjoyed.

• The gentle curved surface provides a unique feel of softness to enhance the office interiors and also encourages creative thinking.

• Materials: injection moulded inner shell, slob sponge, memory foam sponge, fabric finishes, stool mechanism.


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Handle strap and mobile shape to be wherever whenever needed.

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Rocking Base

A slight, smooth movement just like sitting on a rocking stone to promote blood circulation for healthy life.

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Cushioned Seat

Comfort for a more productive day. Also helps absorb shocks when seated.

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Quality Rotation

Smooth rotation and high quality finishing promotes positive thinking and conducive meetings.




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